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Newport Beach's
5-Star Multi-Specialty Surgery Center

AAAASF Accredited Surgery Center

Newport Beach Surgery Center is Proudly Accredited by the AAAASF

Considered the “Gold Standard in Accredidation,” AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) certified facilities are of the highest caliber and trusted by both patients and physicians across the country. Facilities accredited by the AAAASF are held to the highest standards of quality of care to ensure their patients’ safety and peace of mind. Only those facilities and surgery centers that have met 100% of the AAAASF’s high standards are officially recognized–we at Newport Beach Surgery Center are honored to be among this group.

Why is Our AAAASF Accredidation Important for You?

  • Newport Beach Surgey Center is held to the same high standards as hospitals.
  • Newport Beach Surgery Center’s surgeons are board certified and have hospital privelages for the procedures performed at our facility.
  • Newport Beach Surgery Center uses a staff of professional anesthesiologists to ensure safety during surgery.
  • Newport Beach Surgery Center meets stringent standards to maintain a safe and clean surgical environment.
  • Newport Beach Surgery Center is peer reviewed and has data tracked for thousands of individual cases.
  • Newport Beach Surgery Center works closely with the AAAASF throughout the accredidation process.
  • Like Newport Beach Surgery Center, the AAAASF has championed for patient safety worldwide for nearly 40 years.

Re-Evaluated Annually to Ensure the Best Patient Experiences

To keep within the AAAASF’s standards, accredited facilities like Newport Beach Surgery Center are re-evaluated each year. We strive to meet the strict requirements set forth for our facility directors and the certification and staff credentials for each of our medical specialists. At Newport Beach Surgery Center, you can be assured you are receiving the finest quality care from beginning to end.

The Gold Standard in Surgery Centers

Newport Beach Surgery Center is known for the caliber of extraordinary physicians – all of whom are carefully vetted, “best-of-the-best” surgeons who all meet the strict standards of AAAASF licensure.  They are also known for physician teamwork and collaboration; state-of-the-art equipment; a focus on patient safety and peace of mind; and a caring, professional staff, many of whom have worked at NBSC for years.  You will be in the best possible hands at Orange County’s preeminent surgical facility.

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