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Patient FAQ

Why should my procedure be performed in a surgery center versus a hospital?

Over 85% of all surgical procedures can and should be performed in an outpatient setting. A surgery center specializes in ambulatory surgery unlike a hospital, therefore, it’s staff is specialized in providing patient care for outpatient surgical procedures. Also, patients admitted to a surgery center are healthy and will not be exposed to patients with critical illnesses as would be the case in a hospital setting.

Are freestanding surgery centers certified by federal agencies?

Newport Beach Surgery Center is Medicare Certified and accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (AAAASF) as a freestanding multi-specialty ambulatory surgical center.

I know my Surgeon and his/her background, but who will be my Anesthesiologist and what is his/her background?

The Anesthesiologists who practice at Newport Beach Surgery Center are all Board Certified they are identified on this Web Site on our Physicians page.

How do I prepare for my upcoming procedure?

You’re Gastroenterologist or Surgeon will have provided you information prior to the day of your procedure. In addition, a Registered Nurse from Newport Beach Surgery Center will contact you the day before your procedure to review the items you will need to do to prepare yourself.

I understand that Newport Beach Surgery Center, LLC is a physician owned healthcare facility. I thought physicians were not allowed to own healthcare facilities?

The Office of Inspector General of the United States Justice Department on November 19, 1999 issued a ruling known as the ASC Safe Harbor under the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute 42 USC 1320. Specifically, the OIG concluded, and the data overwhelmingly supported, that an ASC is an extension of the surgeons’ office and the issue of referrals to a physician owned healthcare facility is not a kickback issue. In practical terms, the ability of the surgeons to own Newport Beach Surgery Center allows them the ability to directly control the care provided to their patients. As stated in our Mission Statement “As a physician owned healthcare facility, our ability to bring new techniques, technology, and after care services is not impaired by a Corporations’ culture or a large organizations’ bureaucracy. Decisions are made here in the community in which we live and provide services”.

Is Newport Beach Surgery Center a participating provider in my health insurance plan?

NBSC is a contracted provider with the vast majority of insurance carriers and managed care provider networks operating in Southern California. To find out if NBSC is a participating provider in your plan, you can either contact your insurance carrier directly or contact the Business Office at NBSC at (949) 631-0988.

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The Gold Standard in Surgery Centers

Newport Beach Surgery Center is known for the caliber of extraordinary physicians – all of whom are carefully vetted, “best-of-the-best” surgeons who all meet the strict standards of AAAASF licensure.  They are also known for physician teamwork and collaboration; state-of-the-art equipment; a focus on patient safety and peace of mind; and a caring, professional staff, many of whom have worked at NBSC for years.  You will be in the best possible hands at Orange County’s preeminent surgical facility.

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